My Compositions

Music I have been working on a few compositions for fun. You can download the sheet music for them here.

All the compositions below are ©1998 by Steven Haddock.

Although it is free to take these for your personal use, that doesn't mean that I am forfeiting the copyrights.

Sheet music is in PDF format for accurate printing. Some songs have partial previews in GIF format.


Cello and Piano
A tango-flavored cello and piano piece. (Four pages)

Five pages in two parts for piano and cello.   NOTE - There was a typo on the last page of the piano part, and a corrected version is now available.

Piano Duet
“Duet in an unknown key”
Four hands, one confused message. (Four pages)
Piano Solo
  “Variation on Zipoli”
A simple addition to a series of variations by Zipoli. (one page)

The program Mosaic by Mark of the Unicorn was a great help for composing and making the music presentable. I used to recommend it, but I'm annoyed that they have not updated it in YEARS. Now there are other (OSX compatible) notation programs like Sibelius.

If you try out of these and have comments, send me an e-mail (). I'm very open to criticism or suggestions, especially about cello bowing or fingering.

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