Pictures of Plankton

I have removed this page because the images are outdated. There are many more photos of deep-sea plankton, ctenophores, and siphonophores at my Bioluminescence Web Page.


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 Music I have made the sheet music of some of my compositions available in PDF format for free! These include two piano and cello songs, and a piano duet. Please respect my copyright on the music... On to the music!

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How about few good poems...

MATTHEW XXV:30 by Jorge Luis Borges
NEAR HUNSTANTON by Michael Hofmann
THE LESSON OF THE MOTH by archy (Don Marquis)
EXHORTATION by Mike Nichols
NOW YOU NEED ME by Virginia Hamilton Adair
THE CINNAMON PEELER by Michael Ondaatje
O SWEET SPONTANEOUS by e.e. cummings

Macintosh and Computer Stuff:

[MORE SCRIPTS CAN BE FOUND HERE]. I have a couple of perl scripts for converting molecular sequences between different formats. They are specifically designed to convert long names with spaces into short names which work with Phylip format (e.g. for PhyML), and then convert the results back to include the long names. You'll probably want both the encoder and the decoder. To use them, convert the suffix to .pl (optional) and make executable or run with the perl -w command.

My palm pilot program helps calculate how much of each ingredient you should add to mix up a PCR reaction. (We call it the master-mix solution.) I think this is my most useful program to date (aside from keyremapping, which I use everyday). If you are a molecular biologist, you need it! Download palmPCR.
You can also find out about a program I wrote to convert EG&G/MCS files to a Mac-readable format. The newest version (1.5) supports MCS Plus files, too.

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