Sodom, South Georgia  by Iron and Wine

Iron and Wine 
Sodom, South Georgia
Capo VII
Chords -- D9:  054030    Am7: X02010

Intro:  D9, Am7, (walk up via G) C , G

[D9]    Papa died [Am7] smiling 
[G->C] wide    as the ring of a [G] bell
[D9]      gone all [Am7] star white
[G->C] small   as a wish in a [G] well
[D9]      and Sodom, South [Am7] Georgia
[G->C] woke      like a tree full of [G] bees
buried in christmas 
[G->C] bows    and a blanket of [G] weeds

[Em]    Papa died [G] Sunday and 
[C] I   [G] under[Am7]stood
[Em]    all dead [G] white boys 
[C]  say      [G] "god is [Am7] good" [G] white tongues 
[C] hang out, [G] "god is [Am7] good" 

G->C G Am7 2x
Aa aa aah,
Aa aa aah.
[G] [G]

[D9]     Papa died [Am7] while my
[G->C] girl      Lady Edith was [G] born
[D9]     both heads [Am7] fell like 
[G->C] eyes      on a crack in the [G] door
[D9]     and Sodom, South [Am7] Georgia
[G->C] slept     on a acre of [G] bones
[D9]     slept through [Am7] Christmas
[G->C] slept     like a bucket of [G] snow

[Repeat chorus and then aahs 4x, end on G]

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